Until My Last Breath


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released December 4, 2008



all rights reserved


FROM THE SHORES Venezia, Italy

FROM THE SHORES are a death metal band born in Venice in 2008.
The new album 'Of Apathy' is out now.

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Track Name: Fury Of The Embers
My fears appear concreting
In light of truth burning
Like candles wearing out in darkness
And wax liquefying descends
We're all just slaves under our lord
his word is law so pain now grows
creating desire repressing
accepting our burden obeying
chains around me soon will break bathin’ us in sin
chains ‘round myself soon will break embers we’ll purify in sin
fury of the embers
Track Name: Serve The Flesh For Dessert
If i'd cut my arms, would you hold me?
for your skinless hand, i would die
if i'd knit my mouth, would you heal me?
crucified my mind, lick my scars
if i'd shave my ears, would you listen dear?
sudden flash of pain, down my spine
bury all our sins, togheter with me
sun is black and cold, so your blood

guilt, oblivion is waitin for us
dear, leave me breathless again

Oh bride, headless
bloodenin' your guts
wake and rape then
my lifeless body
flowers, honey
penetrate your wounds
your eyes, deadly
dress you so good

Serve my flesh now as your dessert
Promise me that death is forever
Track Name: I Have Never Been Hurt By Luxury
This taste of nausea pain and heartache
led me to struggle i cannot stand
Ligthed by a candle through all my needles
eternal battle without a god

Destroy your nothin', i am your needle
only a phoenix can rise above her ashes
Time's just a meter of human sadness
only a phoenix can rise above her ashes

I have never been hurt by luxury

Track Name: As The Firmament Ratifies The End
Silent waters
You will be my last sweet embrace
No crows’ speeches
Singin’ symphonies for deafness
It’s time for silence
Come with me in my coffin

I am alone
Day by day
Forever and never
No more hope
Day turns into night
Forever and never

It’s time for silence

I am alone
Day turns into night

Marble breath firing lungs
carving time
Only stars witnesses
Will stand still